How to Look (And Feel) Amazing in Plus Sized Clothing

How to Look (And Feel) Amazing in Plus Sized Clothing

The fashion market has not always been so kind to full-figured women in regards to shopping options and retailers who stock plus sizes. But in the last few years, they seem to have "sized themselves up" and realize that there is a great niche and need for larger garments for larger girls. Finally, we can stop having to squeeze into smaller sizes to achieve the appropriate look we desire! Read on for a guide to complimenting your full figure!

The Do's and Don'ts

Now that we have more "suitable" options of the correct proportions to accentuate the full figure, we can really take full advantage of the current styles of today. There are some basic principals we can follow to get the best out of each look.

Don't Wear Clothing That Hugs Your Curves.

This can be a bit subjective, therefore tricky. Some women prefer to have their shape emphasized with tighter clothing and some wish to misdirect the gaze to anything but their body. To achieve an appropriate look of the two, wear a shaper underneath tight fitting clothing, or wear lofty looser fitting tops and skirts to avoid noticeable misshapes and bumps under the garment. Tunics and cowl-necked tops are great for lose clothing wearers. Crew necks and 3/4 sleeves are great for tighter clothing wearers.

Do Accessorize!

There's an age-old fashion addage used to attain a chic look that goes, "create your outfit and accessories, then remove one thing." Accessories are like magic spells that enchant and misdirect the eye away from areas of concern. If you've got a wide neck and chest area, add a long pendant drop necklace to thin it. If you've got a wider face, try out a pair of long dangling earrings- it will elongate your jaw line. When it comes to jewelry in general, go for more dripping pieces like lose fitting bracelets and necklaces.

Don't Lose Your Waistline.

When wearing long, lose, flowy dresses, blouses, and skirts, all too often we lose our wonderful waistline. Along with wearing a shaper, adding a sash or belt at the waist will not only add to the aesthetic of a cavernous waistline, but it will add length to your legs as well! Another trick is to wear shrugs and cropped jackets. These will also achieve the same look.

Do Shop Until You Find The Right Pair of Blue Jeans or Pants!

We've all come to find out that just because a major retailer puts a plus size on the label of the jean that it doesn't mean it's actually plus size fitted. Some retailers simply don't have the money and resources to furnish a plus sized department in their stores. Once you've found that right pair of jeans you'll find that it actually slims you more than the pair of misses or junior sized jeans do. Truly plus sized jeans and pants are "specially formulated" to fit and ride your curves. Any jeans that don't achieve this, despite being your size, should be disregarded as a plus size piece of clothing. Keep shopping, most definitely at a store especially tailored for you and your figure. There's nothing better than having a pair of jeans with the right fit.

Don't Be Discouraged by Your Curves.

It's normal for any girl, any size, anywhere to get down about their appearance. It just so happens that the size on our labels seems to bring the most negative attention from others as well as ourselves, the toughest critics of all. Go with a girl or boyfriend to a boutique where plus sizes are honored and try on a few pairs of pants and shirts. You'll be amazed by the difference wearing the right clothes will make. They're easier to move in and you just feel down-right good about yourself! Good luck and love your curves no matter what!

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